We want Guardena offer to be complementary for you. In addition to our fencing product range we also offer a wide array of services: starting with fitting, through site levelling, ending with preparatory works for construction or grass sowing.

Having at our disposal the strongest Avant 745 mini loader, and also quite a number of compatible tools, we will perform a wide range of works for you. Please feel free to read the description and watch videos illustrating Avant equipment capabilities.

AVANT Excavator 210 ►

Maximum depth of excavations is 2.1 m.

AVANT Rotary harrow ►

It levels off the arable layer leaving soil ready for sowing. After a single passage the soil is very well cultivated.

AVANT Separating soil miller ►

Designed for making beds even in hard soils. It crushes soil, and buries stones and other objects down to 15 cm of depth.

AVANT 4 in 1 multifunction bucket ►

4 in 1 multifunction bucket – it can be used as a regular scoop, a bulldozer, a grader or a gripping device.

AVANT Forks for pallets ►

The perfect tool for raising various materials on pallets.

AVANT Snowplough ►

The perfect tool for snow removal, earth works, and for work everywhere when material has to be removed quickly.

AVANT Hammer mower ►

It is a mower designed for mowing tall grass, thickets, bushes, etc. Most frequently it is used on meadows and road shoulders.

AVANT Trencher ►

It allows the digging of narrow trenches without damaging soil structure in the working area.

AVANT Drill rig ►

Designed for tree planting or drilling holes for fencing posts or acoustic baffle pillars.

AVANT Levelling grader ►

An attachment used for levelling and large area planning. With the Avant grader it is possible to spread sand, stones, etc. easily and quickly.

AVANT Demolition hammer ►

It is a very effective tool in demolition and redevelopment works.

AVANT Concrete mixer ►

The mixer is a handy tool when it is necessary to prepare concrete mortar with no access to the mains.

AVANT Big Bag transport clamp ►

This simple attachment facilitates the loading, unloading and piling of big bags, even in cramped conditions in warehousing facilities.

AVANT Three-tooth ripper ►

The ripper allows the removal of roots and stones easily, even from hard compact soil.

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